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January 16th, 2018 
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Where is the BEST Condo investment ? - CENTRO SQUARE CONDOS - A Game Changer...
Posted on Sun, 09 Sep 2012, 05:37:31 PM  in Vaughan Condominiums
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By Miguel Burgos

Have you heard about the new Condominium project at Hwy 7 & Weston Road, called CENTRO SQUARE CONDOS.  This mixed use project by Liberty Developments promises to be a Game Changer in Downtown Vaughan.

HINT:  I said, Downtown Vaughan - that's why this this is a Game Changer....

VMC Downtown Vaughan Woodbridge hwy 7 corridor

Centro Square Woodbridge Condos Logo









The City of Vaughan is planning to make the Hwy 7 corridor between Weston road & Jane into a downtown corridor for retail shopping, offices, residential condos and pedestrian friendly streets...  The 15 year project is called the VMC - Vaughan Metropolitan Center and promises to transform Hwy 7 into a destination for both York Region residents and Toronto residents alike..

CENTRO SQUARE Condos is the second condominium project to be launched in this area after EXPO CITY Condos, but unlike the first project CENTRO SQUARE will incorporate mixed use commercial space. An office tower, big name Retail stores & two residential towers with over 600 units.



The projected increase in residental traffic, prompted the City of Vaughan, and all levels of Government, to announce the first TTC Subway Station outisde the Toronto city boundaries. Construction is already underway and expected to be complete at the same time as EXPO CITY & CENTRO SQUARE Condos. Construction has also begun on a future light rail system along Hwy 7 streatching past Hwy 400 to Highway 404 and beyond. I'll share more...

Vaughan Subway Station VMCabout this light rail system and the overall Vaughan Transit plan in a future Blog post that will show you how Toronto, Richmond Hill and Vaughan will soon be interconected.



At present, Toronto & Vaughan have an invisible border that has separated the communities mainly due to accessibility.  Toronto amenities always seemed too far for Vaughan residents, while Torontonians ventured to Vaughan for Walmart, IKEA and maybe a movie.

I know people who joke ' Do I need a Passport to travel up there?'new centro square homes

Clearly the invisible border is also psychological; but that will soon change with easy access to Cineplex, IKEA, new Retail stores beside pedestrian walkways plus Chapters, Walmart, Moxies, Milestones and other local restaurants that already pepper the Hwy 7 corridor between Weston Road & Jane steet.


As an investor, or simply to live, where better to put your money than a location with plenty of shopping, plenty of entertainment, plus easy access to Hwy 400, Hwy 407 and just down the road from Hwy 427.  Ohhh... you don't have a car... then take the new Subway to York University, Yorkdale, or down to Union Station for a Blue Jays Game...

In what other community is the Government investing millions to build a Subway, a new Hospital, transforming an entire stretch of roadway and developing a new Downtown core where big name retailers have already called home...

Is this a good investment....  What are your thoughts?

See floor plans, pictures and more


by Miguel Burgos

Miguel Burgos is a Realtor in Toronto, Ontario who entered the Real Estate field after a successful career with major corporations where he worked as National Sales Manager for Tier 1 Retail accounts and Distribution. Miguel can be found on , Twitter & Facebook as well as Linked-In.

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Subway Extending to Vaughan Mills Mall ...
Posted on Sun, 22 Jan 2012, 04:21:39 PM  in Vaughan News
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The Subway is Coming to Vaughan Mills Mall


Just a few years ago, living in Vaughan was a challenge for those without four wheels, or two wheels for those motorcycle enthusiasts.  Yes, there’s always been public transit, at least as long as I can remember.  However, in Vaughan, not having a car was seen as crazy.  In those days, the bus ran occasionally, every hour perhaps and in cold winter nights, it seemed like three hours between stops.  Weekends had diminished service and if you wanted to head out at night, then get home early, because the last bus left Steeles at 10pm.

I remember walking the lonely stretch of road from Toronto’s Steeles border to Highway Seven ( Hwy 7 ).  Back then, the sidewalks were green or brown, a mix of grass or mud depending whether it had rained.  The winter snow & wind didn’t help since this path was rarely plowed.  I still remember seeing Highway 407 being constructed as I walked up Martingrove towards Hwy 7.

The sidewalks were eventually constructed and the bus service improved which is now called VIVAYork Regional Transit.  In recent years, the biggest transit announcement has been the Subway extending from Downsview station to Vaughan, BUT WAIT, Hold your applause.  The subway will stop at Highway Seven ( Hwy 7 )

Soon Vaughan residents will no longer need to call a taxi to Toronto for $60 as I did last night.  In a few short years the TTC Subway will be extended through York University and several other stops before ending at Highway seven ( Hwy 7 ).

My question is…. why wouldn’t the subway plan include stops to LangstaffRutherford and Major Mackenzie. The obvious answer is money, perhaps the timing wasn’t right, or Political Will and so forth…  I only hope when planning this Subway project, that someone had thought to extend it further, but couldn’t due to _____  ______  ____ ( you can fill in the blanks)

Nonetheless, I’ll make my case:

Had the plan included Major Mackenzie Drive then Vaughans first Hospital and Medical campus near Jane Street would be easily accessible to the thousands of additional people who are expected to work in Vaughan during the coming years.  It would also provide easy access to Toronto for Vaughan residents. Every direction along Major Mackenzie has seen significant growth in housing.  People of all ethnicities now live in detached homes , semis and townhouses with their families. The urban sprawl continues all the way to Teston Road and we’ve already begun building north of Teston off Keele.  Some Vaughan residents may not even realize there are now entire neighborhoods of single family homes just off Kirby Road.

Now, lets take a tour to our next stop, I'm heading south on my imaginary Subway train towards Rutherford Road.  Making this argument is easier than the last. Only a few years ago Vaughan Mills Mall was hailed as one of the biggest shopping centers in North America with name brand stores and entertainment.   At the time, Vaughn residents were excited to see the new construction; property values rose as people continued to clamor for new homes . Those early investors who purchased homes along Rutherford in Vellore Village had little traffic, easy access to Highway 400 ( Hwy 400 ) and looked forward to all the new amenities.

If you were an investor in this area, then all your dreams came true.  Property values in Vellore Village rose steadily, your home price went through the roof, even after replacing the boring builder fixtures, you were still laughing.  But with higher density comes more traffic especially if you’re heading west on Rutherford towards Highway 400 ( Hwy 400 ).

Vaughan Mills Mall at the corner of Jane & Rutherford, created significantly more traffic, add the Bellaria Condominiums with 600+ condo units plus new houses in Maple which rapidly developed as well.  This past summer it took me 15 minutes to drive from Jane St to Highway 400. A trip that should normally take 2 minutes, maybe 4 minutes if I’m stopped at a red traffic light.

So I ask my fellow Vaughan residents, if our goal is to reduce the number of cars on the road, and traffic congestion, then wouldn’t a Subway stop at Vaughan Mills Mall make sense?  Oh and did I mention, Canada’s Wonderland ...  When tourists come to Toronto, they primarily stay in the downtown core, where they can find shopping, entertainment and easy transportation.  I wonder how many Toursists have ventured to Canada’s Wonderland or to Vaughan in general.  How many decided it was too far without a car.

Lets look at this topic from a financial perspective.  When the Downsview subway extension was completed, I recall the equipment and tunnel boring machine was sold for far less than it was purchased.  Will that happen again once the subway reaches Highway Seven ( Hwy 7 ), and if so, I think it would make economic sense to continue using the equipment for one last stop, rather than buying new boring machines in a few years to reach Vaughan Mills Mall?  I certainly couldn’t justify purchasing new equipment in 5 years to extend the subway one or two more stops, thus if it’s not done now, then Vaughan home owners will have to wait until urban sprawl extends further... maybe King City.  20 years perhaps?

Extending the Subway to at least Rutherford would reduce traffic, give Toronto tourists and residents easy access to Vaughan Mills MallCanada’s Wonderland and provide Vaughan with a mobile workforce to further entice businesses to setup operations in the area.  I don’t pretend to know the answer, but if I had to predict the future, I would guess the Subway is coming to Vaughan Mills Mall…at minimum.

What are your thoughts...  I'd like to hear oher opinions as well...

Maybe we can create enough noise to make this idea a reality...

by Miguel Burgos

Miguel Burgos is a Realtor in Toronto, Ontario who entered the Real Estate field after a successful career with major corporations where he worked as National Sales Manager  for Tier 1 Retail accounts and Distribution. Miguel can be found on , Twitter & Facebook as well as Linked-In.


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