Who you Hire is Important 

I am:

  • ​​A marketing focused agent
  • World Vision child sponsor for 19 years
  • Data Analyst - I study the valuations, others guess 
  • Working harder than most agents
  • Technology Internet focused
  • Entrepreneur team focused

  • Social Media Marketer
  • Partnered with Stagers / Movers / Landscapers
  • Contractors
  • Design Guy - Easy Upgrades for BIG value, BIG impact

There are so many reasons I joined the Real Estate Industry.  Primarily because I was used to working hard in my corporate jobs at Samsung Electronics, ATI Technologies and Telus / Koodo.  During those years I went shopping for my first home.  I encountered two bad agents, 2 RECO code of ethic violations, people with no integrity and little support along the process.  I realized then, that I could serve clients much better than those agents.  It was a turning point.  My quest to learn everyting real estate had begun.

I took my Marketing and International Sales experience to a new field.  I had been representing major corporations, doing multi-million dollar deals with Future Shop, Best Buy, Costco, Staples Business Depot  and Walmart.  During those years, I managed several accounts at once and held the purse to major marketing budgets.  In fact, I implemented the Tier 1 Retail Winter Olympics campaign for Samsung Electronics during the Vancouver games.  Samsung was the secondary sponsor of the Olympics behind Bell Canada and we took marketing to a new level at Best Buy Canada and Future Shop.  It was the introduction of Samsung's first smart phone.

I learned a lot, and use those skills today to help promote my clients properties.  The job of a Realtor is to do marketing of a property to as many people as possible.  This creates demand, which brings more buyers and more price.  If your agent doesn't do print and social media marketing then you're hiring them for the post in the lawn and an MLS listing.

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Miguel Burgos

Real Estate Sales Representative

Century 21 Heritage Group

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