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Background Story

Sabrina and her newlywed husband wanted a home in Vaughan.  As first time home buyers it was difficult to find a home in the price, condition and size they had requested.

Given that prices in Vaughan were higher than neighbouring communities, we found several options, but required them to compromise on something... either size, location, price  or condition of the property.  I share this with my website visitors to give you and other 1st time home buyers an understanding of the emotions and compromises that need to be made when buying your first home.  That year, we bought....nothing !

The key lesson is, you may be mentally ready to buy a home, but not emotionally ready.

I've seen this over and over.  You have the downpayment, but something is causing you to press the brakes, to slow down and prevent yourself from making a decision.

Throughout the next 10 months, I continued to share my knowledge and help them along the process.   During that time, prices continued to rise and the following year it was clear.  Vaughan was no longer in their budget, thus we shifted our focus to a neighbouring community and found the home they loved and where they've started raising two children.

I'm proud to have been a part of their lives then, and now.

UPDATE  2018:

With detached prices coming down Sabrina, her husband and their two great kids have started looking in Vaughan again. 

The lesson in this story is about being emotionally ready. 

You may be financially ready, but emotionally something is stopping you.

Lets find out what's really holding you back... is it money, relationships or a fear?

I will help you uncover the block

Miguel Burgos

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Background Story

I went to Alliston to help Pina sell her house.  The family had planned to rent after the sale since they couldn't see how they could afford another home. 

I called Pina to ask for permission to share her story.  Due to privacy concerns, I'll share some, but not all of the circumstances.  The family was going through a divorce and Pina had not built a career during the years she had cared for her sons.

She was soon to be a single mother with two kids, living on her own for the firt time, and  about to live in a rental apartment paying a landlord money she had earned through appreciation and her family's work.   She couldn't see any other way with her limited income.  I helped her create a new possibilty, where she owns her own home and builds wealth through equity and appreciation for her kids.  If she had rented, there would be nothing for her kids in the future.  

I needed to push her past her mental barriers and then push the mortgage underwriter, the broker and I even spoke to the Vice President of the bank that was considering giving her a mortgage to ensure he undestood the issues surrounding the application.  I credit Pina with believing in the possibility, trusting in me and doing everything I asked of her to clean up her credt record, pullng documents, getting statements and more.  It was hard work for all of us, but it paid off. 

They now own a home that has appreciated in value and will be a source of wealth for her and her kids in the future.

This story proves, there's always a way...

If you know someone going through a divorce or simply can't see a way to buy or sell.

I will help them find a way

Miguel Burgos

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